We give you the things you need to be yourself.

What does GI stand for? 

It stands for Get It.

Why the name Get It?

Because we want people to get it– get that we are people too, that we are to be respected, and deserve the same rights. We, being the transgender, non-binary community, and everyone who encompasses that.

We want people to get OUR community. Our community that embraces every person for who they want to be. We want people to get it- get that we are on a mission to make peoples lives as their true self, easier.

It is disgraceful that in 2020 the strength, power and beauty of our community is often overshadowed by the discrimination individuals suffer for simply trying to be themselves.

Most of society shuns us, making our lives even more difficult than it already is.

There are countless obstacles being in our community, from a lack of adequate psychological support, to a scarcity of information on what’s required to transition safely. There is so much more to it than simply visiting a doctor for surgery and hormones.

GI Collection supports every person for who they are, or who they want to be. Carmen has set out to help anyone who wants to embrace their femininity and has been challenged in doing so. Ultimately, this will always be the driving force behind GI Collection.

We have so many difficult questions to answer:

How do you tell your family, friends or work about a gender transition?
How do you explain that you don’t feel like any particular gender?
How do you deal with being one gender in your head but another to the rest of society?
How do you respond when someone refers to you as the wrong gender?
What support is there for victims of transphobic, non-binary abuse?
How do you tell people your preferred pronoun?

We could go on, but we’d end up writing a full blown novel.

Our founder Carmen Liu has had to answer and still answers some of these questions today, often without much help or support. So she founded GI COLLECTION in aim of tackling these issues.

We should be allowed to be ourselves too, we should be able to live without fear of violence or discrimination!

We want to change the lives of our community, with the help of our community. Help us in doing that by getting what you need from us today.

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