Phone a friend

Even though there are an estimated 660,000 of us in the UK and millions more worldwide, it can still feel like we’re alone sometimes.

That’s why we offer Phone a friend – a free service where you can speak to Carmen via phone, text, email, Skype or in person about whatever you want. Anything from celebrating getting your first job as your true self or how to change your gender on your legal documents.

We must stress that this isn’t counselling or any sort of therapy. We’re not medical professionals.

We just know that it’s helpful to chat to someone that understands you on a regular basis. Even if you only chat to us once, we know it makes a huge difference to know that if you ever need someone to talk to, you can always talk to Carmen.

Phone A Friend service is currently unavailable until our new GI Collection website launches in December 2020.

Carmen looks forward to speaking with you!

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