Continuous Lingerie Tape



GI Collection Continuous Lingerie Tape

A comfortable and safe way for us to tuck using tape. We’ve all had those tucking hell moments when we’ve attempted to use household tape or medical tapes to tuck. Tucking Hell is now Tucking Heaven with our lingerie tape. Enjoy it ladies you deserve it.


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GI Collection Continuous Lingerie Tape

We’ve all been through it. Trying to desperately tuck your girls in so you can wear your favourite form fitting dress on your night out, or frantically trying to get them to stay in place so you can wear those luscious new leggings to the gym. Ladies we have designed the solution Lingerie Tape, a safe and comfortable way to use tape on our skin for tucking. The tape is made from a cotton and spandex blend to allow the perfect amount of elasticity for maximum comfort.

The continuous lingerie tape is 5M long with 10cm cutting guides on the release paper on the reverse of the tape, this allows you to create the perfect strip lengths for you. We do also have a pre-cut lingerie tape which comes in 25cm pre-cut strips.

  • Available in Black, Beige and of course Purple. (what other colours would you like to see ladies? please let us know at
  • Available in 5cm and 7.5cm widths.
  • How to apply guide included.

This product is made from a cotton and spandex blend, with medical acrylic glue. Please seek medical advice if you are unsure of allergies. Always complete a 24-hour patch test before use.

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Tape Width

5cm, 7.5cm

Tape Colour

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