The Ultimate Guide for Coming Out as Trans

Despite significant amounts of progress in the last few years for transgender people, there is still a lot of progress which needs to be made. All over the world, transgender people are still shunned from society and constantly told that they are not “normal”. Understandably, then, this makes it incredibly intimidating for people to come out as transgender.

Founded by Carmen Liu and featuring products ranging from cosmetics to lingerie tape, and even the world’s first lingerie brand designed for transgender women, GI Collection is a revolutionary brand that aims to change the way society views transgender people. Today, they’re revealing five tips for coming out as transgender.


1. Don’t Rush

Coming out as transgender is going to be a huge moment in your life, so it’s not something to rush. While you may feel pressure to start your transformation, your goals may change in time so do not rush into drastic decisions that you might regret. Don’t cut corners, take your hormones and be aware that these things are not reversible.


2. Speak Up

Not talking about our feelings is something that most of society still refuses to do. If you are thinking about coming out or you have recently come out as trans, speak up about your feelings and worries. Bottling things up inside will only lead to feelings of depression and seclusion. If you don’t feel like you can talk to a friend or relative, find a support group that will give you the opportunity to meet other trans women who’ll share tips and advice.


3. Prepare for Opposition

Much of the world still isn’t in the right mindset, so there is a chance that coming out will bring criticism and opposition. You’ll need to be prepared for abuse and disapproval from some people who still cannot accept transgender women. But remember: there are tonnes of others out there who ARE accepting, so it’s not all going to be unfortunate.


4. Invest in a Good Wig

It might not seem necessary right off the bat, but a good wig will make all the difference when it comes to transitioning. You may not have long hair at the start and a good wig will help you blend in and feel more feminine. While the premium wigs may seem expensive, they will give you much more confidence than the cheap and nasty options.


5. Learn Make-Up Techniques

Again, it may not sound like a necessity, but when you’re transitioning you don’t want to stand out from the crowd in the wrong ways. Ensure that your make-up is on point by watching tutorials, investing in good brushes, and continuous practice.


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